Unofficial DotA 6v6 version 6.59

This is Defense of the Ancients with two extra slots.
In short, 6v6...
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This is the Unofficial DotA 6v6 version 6.59


DotA 6.59 6v6 Version 2
*Allpick and Easymode do function properly.
*Allrandom doesn't seem to give the extra 2 players their heroes
*Teamrandom and the -random command work.
*Scoreboard does not work perfectly.

Download: DotA_Allstars_v6.59_6v6_Version 2.w3x

DotA 6.59 6v6 Version 3

* In-game leaderboard for Green and Red now displays correctly.
* Red/Green now see other players' last-hits/denies as everyone else does
* Red/Green now cannot see other players TP signals as observers normally could

Known Bugs in 6v6 DotA:

* Allrandom gamemode does not give red/green their heroes
* Red/Green's circle of power is unusable
* Endgame Scoreboard is too big to fit all 12 players
* The -deathon/deathoff commands don't function for red/green
* The -switch command doesn't function at all

Download: DotA_Allstars_v6.59_6v6_Version 3.w3x

DotA 6.59 6v6 Version 4

* All Random gamemode now works
* Shuffle Players gamemode now works
* Red/Green's circle of power is now fully functional
* Red/Green's -deathon/deathoff commands now work

Known bugs for DotA AllStars 6.59 six versus six version:
* Random Draft game mode does nott function for red/green
* Endgame Scoreboard is too big to fit all 12 players (cannot be fixed)
* -switch command is now disabled

Download: DotA_Allstars_v6.59_6v6_Version 4.w3x
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